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We offer the live online events as asynchronous events that you can watch at any time. There are four theoretical topics: Help a Customer, Motivational Interviewing, the Structured Pharmaceutical Consultation and Interactions (with Susanne Schlienger from mediQ). And there are eight counseling topics on indications in which a patient example is presented. In the respective month in which the consultation topic starts, we accompany your pharmaceutical consultations with this focus in the feed and place new tasks there.

Live-Online Help a customer - from April 24, 2024 online

Here we discuss the normal pharmaceutical conversation, which is sometimes difficult because our conversation partners have objections or complaints. These sessions are not only a good support for beginners in pharmacy, but for all those of you who want to optimize your conversations from a communicative point of view: Phases of the sales conversation and conversation techniques for professionals, objection handling techniques and difficult conversation situations as well as professional handling of complaints. 

Live-Online Motivational Interviewing - from May 02, 2024 online

The art of partner-centered but directive, respectful, non-judgmental communication will help you to conduct conversations on an equal footing with all your conversation partners. This method is particularly helpful if you want or need to bring about change in the person you are talking to. You can also read this post or take a look at here a short interview that Anna Laven conducted with Stephen Rollnick.

Live-Online The structured pharmaceutical consultation - from May 8, 2024 online

A consultation structure that allows you to conduct pharmaceutically excellent consultations in a short space of time. I have developed and scientifically evaluated this consultation method, and I use it myself during my consultations in the pharmacy. We will practise it using specific examples.

Live online drug interactions - from May 16, 2024 online

Together with Susanne Schlienger from mediQ, we are offering you this training course on the topic of interactions to consolidate your knowledge. The examples from the various subject areas make the topic practical and the theory discussed makes the topic very easy to understand.

Live online Parkinson's: The arm doesn't swing - from May 11, 2024 online

Robert Tremms is worried: the 68-year-old retired teacher hasn't been his old self for months. The right side of his body is no longer working properly. First his hand wasn't as dexterous as it used to be. Then there was a tremor. And his handwriting changed, becoming smaller and smaller. Now his wife has also noticed that his right arm no longer swings when he walks.

He hasn't noticed this himself and doesn't think it's particularly important, but it bothers him that he is becoming less and less resilient. As these changes are increasingly affecting his quality of life, he decides to go to the pharmacy in the hope that they might have a dietary supplement or vitamin that could alleviate his symptoms. The pharmacist listens to his complaints and notices his stiff movements and a right-sided resting tremor. He suspects Parkinson's syndrome and recommends that Mr. Tremms see his family doctor. 

Live online hypertension: Rudolf has a headache from June 15, 2024 online

Rudolf Hochwert, an 82-year-old pensioner, lives alone in a small house on the outskirts of the city. Recently, he has noticed that he is feeling increasingly tired and exhausted. Dizziness and headaches are also no longer unusual for him. At first, he put these symptoms down to his age and didn't pay any further attention to them. One Tuesday morning, when he is reading his daily newspaper as usual, he notices that he can't concentrate at all.

When he gets up, he feels dizzy and can barely stand on his feet. Worried, he decides to go to his pharmacy for advice. At the pharmacy, he describes his symptoms: the tiredness, the dizziness, the headaches and the drowsiness. Pharmacist Markus Schneider listens attentively and explains to the worried customer that these symptoms could possibly indicate high blood pressure. He asks Mr. Hochwert to take a seat and measures his blood pressure...

Live online pain therapy: Gardening really hurts - from July 13, 2024 online

This morning, 76-year-old pensioner Gustav Knirsch finally has time to tend to his garden. His grandchildren have gone to the seaside with his parents and he has a whole week off to catch up on what he has left undone in recent weeks. He has almost forgotten about the chronic pain in his right knee, left wrist and back, and the weather seems to be playing along this time too, so Mr. Knirsch spends the whole day weeding and planting flowers.

After several hours of hard work, he is very pleased with himself and his garden. But the next day he wakes up with severe pain in his back and knees. The constant pulling in his lower back is bearable at first, but becomes more and more unbearable as the day progresses, especially when he moves or changes his body position. In the medicine cabinet in his bathroom, he hopes to find the medication that his GP recommended months ago to relieve the pain.

But the first things he finds are aspirin and paracetamol, which his wife takes for her headaches. The pain doesn't get any better after one aspirin. Although he later also takes paracetamol, he can hardly move. So he takes his cane and goes to the pharmacy as best he can to get advice. 

Live online dementia - Who are you? From August 10, 2024 online

Eva Branden, an 82-year-old lady, accompanied by her daughter Clara, comes to the pharmacy to pick up her medication. She has been taking Escitalopram 10 mg and Ramipril 5 mg every morning for years, but in recent months she has often found it difficult to remember the names of the medications. The pharmacist knows his regular customer very well and is now worried because she seems increasingly confused and unsure, often searching for the right words, sometimes repeating questions and omitting important information during the conversation. He therefore takes the opportunity to recommend that his customer's daughter see a doctor to check Eva's cognitive abilities.

Live online thrombosis prophylaxis and anticoagulation: Alfred is not listening - from September 7, 2024 online

The sky is leaden gray and it is raining, but Alfred Meyer is happy, his watery blue eyes are shining. The 80-year-old has survived the operation for an artificial knee joint without complications and is being discharged from hospital today. This is not Mr Meyer's first time in hospital, a year ago he had surgery for an intestinal tumor. The operation went very well then too, the tumor was not large and his doctors did not consider additional chemotherapy necessary.

At that time, arterial hypertension and mild renal insufficiency were diagnosed and treatment with ramipril was initiated. Mr. Meyer also suffers from gout, has kidney stones and an ASA allergy. When he thanks the ward doctor again before being discharged from hospital, Dr. Bachmann tells him that he should make sure he takes ramipril regularly at home. He could continue to take paracetamol and, if necessary, tramadol for the knee pain. However, it is very important to continue thrombosis prophylaxis in the post-operative phase at least until the next medical check-up without interruption. But Mr. Meyer is only listening with half an ear.

Live-Online KHK - The unexpected collapse in the pharmacy from October 5, 2024 online

On a sunny Monday afternoon, 78-year-old pensioner Peter Plaque goes to his local pharmacy to pick up his medication. On this day, Mr. Plaque seems restless and a little out of breath when he walks. Mr. Plaque is significantly overweight, smokes and has suffered from high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes mellitus for years. He has never had his illnesses under proper control and does not always take his medication regularly. He takes the ACE inhibitor ramipril for his high blood pressure and metformin 1000 mg for his diabetes. His cardiovascular risk factors include dyslipidemia, which is not treated with medication.

About 10 years ago, he began experiencing increasing chest pain. During a colonoscopy three years ago, he was told that he had probably had a heart attack. At the time, the cardiologist prescribed treatment with atorvastatin, ASA and, if necessary, nitro spray. After an ischemic stroke a year earlier, the neurologist had also recommended treatment with ASA and atorvastatin. However, Mr. Plaque believes that he recovered quickly and therefore no longer needed this therapy. 

Live online depression: The silence in the dark from November 02, 2024 online

Johann Düster, an 80-year-old pensioner, sits alone in his dark living room and stares at the blank TV screen with a tired face. His medication lies untouched on the table. When his daughter Anna comes into the room, she reminds him in a gentle voice that he needs to take his medication. He nods without lifting his sad eyes from the TV and mechanically reaches for the pill packets; he swallows a few pills without saying a word, then gets up and leaves the room. 

Live online diabetes: Sometimes too fat, sometimes too thin from December 7, 2024 online

Paula Insulat enters the pharmacy, leans wearily on her walking stick and sighs heavily. She is 77 years old and has been suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus for ten years. Her metabolic control has not been optimal recently. Occasional blood glucose measurements before breakfast have resulted in values above 150 mg/dl in the last three weeks. In addition, she has gained about 8 kg in the last few weeks and weighs 95 kg with a height of 172 cm, which corresponds to a body mass index (BMI) of 32.1. At the pharmacy, she talks about her values and the unwanted weight gain. Pharmacist Carola Meyer listens to her carefully and advises her to see her GP as soon as possible. 

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