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Medical-pharmaceutical training and communication for professionals

Pharmabrain stands for medical-pharmaceutical content à la carte: Whether you prefer specific pharmacology, communication or drug knowledge: We cordially invite you to join the Pharmabrain Community, to exchange ideas with us and your colleagues, to take courses, to subscribe to microlearnings, and much more. Test our offer!

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Are you a Pharmabrain member and looking for your e-trainings? You are here and your existing access data will work as usual:


Pharmabrain NEW
Professional exchange and entertaining inputs

Fast, exciting, clever.

The new Pharmabrain portal offers you free training as well as the opportunity to post your own courses and run chat groups

  1. The new Pharmabrain platform is an advanced, dynamic learning platform that offers interactive learning units in several languages on various topics and is aimed at different target groups, including pharmacy, practice and ward teams. The platform is free for invited guests and allows them to form private groups and share content and private chats.

  2. The platform supports multilingual content and chats in German, French, English and Italian, with users able to choose between manual and automatic translations and view the original language in the chat history. It is ideal for users who prefer interactive, fast and free training courses, some of which are created with the support of industry partners.

  3. Trainers and specific content providers can also offer their own content for their target audience and conduct online conversations, while industry partners can take advantage of various training opportunities, including microlearning and team training for employee and customer teams.

Pharmabrain Classic
25 years of experience in pharmaceutical training

The classic Pharmabrain courses can be booked online for a fee at classic.pharmabrain.org.

Comprehensive, accredited, demanding

Live-Online Start!

Pharmabrain Classic is an educational portal developed by pharmacist Dr. Anna Laven that offers courses on medical-pharmaceutical expertise, medicines and communication skills, supplemented by live seminars and business coaching. The content is guideline-based, accredited and practice-oriented. In addition, the portal offers tests to check knowledge, individual certificates and a team-up program for pharmacy teams, all free of advertising content and updated several times a year.

Our cooperation offers

Take advantage of the opportunity to quickly implement your training content and further training for your customers and employees on Pharmabrain app


We support you in the creation and implementation of your product training and your target group-specific communication in exciting, interactive microlearning units.

Training provider

Take advantage of Pharmabrain's technical lead and post your content for download or participation and benefit from the multilingualism with automatic translation function in the chat.


The complete Pharmabrain offer (including Pharmabrain classic) is freely available to students of medicine, pharmacy and nursing sciences upon presentation of a certificate of enrollment. 

Medical, pharmacy and nursing teams

Use the Pharmabrain technology in your private group to share knowledge, train and have private conversations. 

Pharmabrain: Current insights

We summarize the latest developments and relevant trends in medical-pharmaceutical e-training here.

This is us: Pharmabrain

If it sounds the easiest, we've been working on it the longest.

We love training.

We want to inspire you to learn and train in the latest medical-pharmaceutical content.

We are the experts you need.

Versatile, fast, committed and good-humored: our strong team of doctors and pharmacists is supported by digital specialists, social media experts and patient advocates, and we all focus on learning. We offer you a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience to make your training courses even more innovative and creative.

Focus on your learning

Our combination of pharmaceutical-medical expertise with technical know-how and marketing competence enables us to take a comprehensive approach to challenges and solutions, so that your team is always at the cutting edge of scientific and technological developments. 

The combination of these factors leads to improved patient care as your team is able to react quickly to new medical findings, communicate efficiently and find innovative solutions to health problems.

Your contact person:
Dr. Anna Laven
Phone: +49-30-4397170-50
E-mail: anna.laven@pharmabrain.org

FAQs: Frequently asked questions

Motivational Interviewing courses are offered to you in closed groups to which you have received an invitation. If you have not received your invitation or can no longer find it, please write to us here.

You will find the accredited contents of your paying Pharmabrain membership here.

You can register for the Pharmabrain Community if you have a profession that identifies you as a healthcare professional. Registration is free of charge. You can then take part in groups to which you will be invited. 

No, not automatically. The new Pharmabrain portal is a completely new, self-contained unit. You can of course choose the same user name and password that you already had in one of the previous portals.